Online Food Delivery Market Research 2022 Arizona, United States
This research was completed by Dots Platform using Statista, Google Maps, Doordash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, and other public articles and reports.

Date of the study: November 15, 2022 - January 25, 2022.

Food Service Businesses Overview

Food & Beverage Service Locations in Arizona

Distribution of Food Service Locations by city

Distribution of Food Service Locations by city vs Population in these cities

Sedona has 20 Food Service Locations per 1,000 people, while Phoenix has only 3

Number of Locations per 1,000 Population by city

Types of Food & Beverage Service Businesses

Food Service Cuisine Categories

Popularity of Food Service Cuisine Categories by Number of Locations and Reviews

Third-Party Delivery Services

DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub
are the Top-3 Third-Party Delivery Services in Arizona, USA

Number of Locations served by DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub

Locations available on Third-Party Delivery Services

DoorDash is the most popular Third-Party Delivery Service for signing an exclusive

Percentage of Locations working exclusively with a single Third-Party Delivery Service

Distribution of Third-Party Delivery Service Locations by city

Distribution of Third-Party Delivery Service Locations by city

Tempe has a population of 184,000 (2.5% of the total population of Arizona). At the same time, 8.8% of all of Arizona Third-Party Delivery Service Locations work there.

Distribution of Third-Party Delivery Service Locations by city vs percentage of Population in these cities

Top Meals in Third-Party Delivery Services by the number of Locations

Cuisine Categories at Third-Party Delivery Services

Popularity of Cuisine Categories at Third-Party Delivery Services by number of Locations and Reviews

Almost 80% of pizzerias have over 100 reviews

And this makes this category the most popular among Third-Party Delivery Services customers.

More than half of Japanese / Sushi restaurants have less than 100 reviews

Which means they receive very few orders from Third-Party Delivery Services.

Number of Locations with less than 100 reviews (unpopular locations), as a percentage of the total number of Locations in this Cuisine Category

Average cart for online food ordering

Average service & delivery fee at Third-Party Delivery Services

What does your $45 order from Third-Party Delivery Services consist of?

Price Comparison in Third-Party Delivery Services

We already learned that just $30 off your $45 order is the cost of the meal. But the restaurant does not receive all this money. Third-Party Delivery Services take 20% to 30% of this amount for their services. As a result, the restaurant is left with only the amount of $21 to $24.

In this regard, in order to stay in the black, restaurants have to set the price in Third-Party Delivery Services by 15-20% higher than on their own websites. Which ultimately forces the buyer to spend even more money on the order.

We decided to study the issue of the difference in prices in Third-Party Delivery Services and on restaurant websites in more detail in order to understand the overall picture.

For this study, we selected top-3 restaurants by the number of reviews in Third-Party Delivery Services. Our task was to compare the prices of these restaurants depending on where the customer ordered delivery.

We collected a basket of dishes for the amount of $30 on the restaurant’s website and on all the Third-Party Delivery Services. In the chart below, you can view the results of this study.

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