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SEO-friendly. Flexible customization and intuitive settings. Conversion rate is up to 15%.

Modern UI and UX
Website features
Flexible customization
Conversion rate up to 15%
Promotions and discounts
Delivery time options (ASAP, exact time, time slot)
Delivery, takeaway, table reservation, dine-in
Promo campaigns
Detailed analytics
Online payment, payment via terminal and by cash
Integrations with POS systems
Reviews and orders via QR code
Verification of orders using an SMS code
Upselling tools
Live chat
Support for mono-brand or multi-brand businesses
Delivery zones
A quick look at the website
More than 1,500,000 orders
have already been delivered using the Dots Platform
Trusted by the best food delivery brands ✌️
Well-known successful companies are already use our platform

«Our restaurants use Dots Platform to automate food delivery processes»

Savva Libkin,

«Dots is a great solution for launching your own delivery. I did it myself, and can recommend it to my colleagues»

Igor Sukhomlyn,
Dmytro Borysov,
a co-funder of Gastrofamily

«We launched a delivery service for our restaurants using the Dots Platform in 24 hours!»

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