We provide software profit margin for local pizza businesses
An all-in-one ordering and delivery solution that has been proven by over 3,000,000 orders
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Introducing our AI Assistants


Delivery Assistant


Saves $3,000+ / mo*

managing delivery fleet


Back office Assistant


Saves $3,000+ / mo*

automating back-office operations


Marketing Assistant


Generates $5,000+ / mo*

doing marketing job

* For a company with 3,000 orders/mo, using the Bureau of Labor Statistics rates
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Don’t let challenges stop you

We know how to handle it

Extremely high commissions on third-party delivery services

Gain independence, boost your own delivery

Labor shortages and skyrocketing inflation

Minimize costs and human mistakes with automation and AI

Countless underutilized software providers

Use one system for all your ordering and delivery processes

Meet Dots Platform – Operational System for Pizza Delivery


First-class website and apps that convert. Visitors into the customers.


Tools that provide pizza arriving in time. Ехceeding expectations.


Monitoring Center for back office operations. Reports. Integrations. Efficiency.

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We don't sell just software. We increase your profits.

Businesses use our technologies to boost their efficiency by up to 2-3 times in order management, logistics and back office operations. Additionally, our high conversion ordering tools drive up to 25% more in sales. Together, they significantly increase business profit margins.

Yaroslav Tsyhanenko

Founder and CEO of Dots Platform. Phoenix, AZ

More than 3 000 000 orders
have already been processed through the Dots Platform

Member of the U.S. National Restaurant Association

Funded by Google for Startups in 2022

Works on AWS with the highest level of reliability and data privacy


Let's talk about the benefit first, then money. We want to be sure that we bring value. That's why we analyze businesses and choose ones we can boost in terms of profit. If can't - we'll say it fairly after our call

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* 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee

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