CES 2023: Top 10 Food Delivery and Quick-commerce Solutions
If you're interested in hyperlocal commerce and haven't visited CES this year — it's not a big deal. We'll save you time and summarize our 3 days at the exhibition halls. We walked almost 30 miles around booths hunting the companies connected to ordering experience, cooking and delivery automation, restaurant/q-commerce software, and other solution for this industry. So here is what we found.

Nuvilab — Real-time food scanner

It identifies different types of food by one-time scanning, analyzing the dish and intake amount, and calculating calories and nutrition. Nuvilab can be used in other products (through API) for automatic dine-in ordering, healthcare, and reducing food waste.

Pudu Robotics — Indoor delivery and serving robots

Pudu is focused on commercial service robots. The robots are widely applied in restaurants, coffee shops, office buildings, shopping malls, and hotels.

Richtech Robotics — Cooking and delivery robots

The company has different types of robots like Adam (an interactive bartender, barista, and chef), Arm (a cooking arm), and Matradee (a serving robot).

Aeolus Robotics, Inc. — Ordering and delivery robot

Aeo is a humanoid, dual-arm mobile robot that can perform multiple service tasks such as taking orders and payments, in-house delivery, disinfecting facilities, and patrolling.

iChassis by Cenntro Electric Group Ltd. (CENN) — Autonomous driving platform

Open-platform, programmable all-electric chassis is designed for automated and autonomous driving. The iChassis has three models to accommodate a diverse set of use cases, with payloads varying from 1100 lbs. to 33,000 lbs. Each model can be adapted to serve the unique application-specific need of the use case (e.g. mobile vending, first and last-mile delivery, freight, container logistics, etc.).

Cartken + Magna International + Mitsubishi Electric — delivery robots

Cartken provides AI-based solutions for indoor and outdoor last-mile delivery. This year they have started a partnership with Grubhub to bring robot delivery to college campuses. Autonomous vehicles are produced at a Magna facility in Michigan. Mitsubishi integrates them for some markets (e.g. Japan).

Clevon — Delivery robot

It is Europe's first autonomous robot carrier to offer autonomous delivery services on public roads, starting with DPD and DHL. Clevon provides customizable and environmentally focused delivery solutions for grocery retailers, food and beverage businesses, and logistics providers.

Blanc by Applied EV - Software Defined Machines™ — Delivery robot

The company provides software-engineered solutions for fully autonomous electric vehicles. Blanc Robot is a driverless, bi-directional, four-wheel-steering vehicle perfect for off-road and on-road commercial applications. It can serve customer needs across multiple markets (food delivery, q-commerce, logistics, etc.).

Chekt by Cargill — Food lockers

Through Chekt lockers, consumers can place mobile orders, bypass lines, and pick up food from touchless, temperature-optimized lockers. A solution can be tuned for business operations and focused on throughput optimization, labor efficiency, and customer experience.

It was a fantastic three days at the most influential tech event in the world, presenting incredible high-tech and innovative products. And it was a big pleasure meeting many talented people and learning more about their companies.

It's nice to see you here!

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