Top 10 Dots Platform Updates in 2022
We were actively developing our platform in 2022 and have released 956 tasks, including 483 new features and 473 fixes. Here are our most valuable ones.
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A new version of the website

The design has been completely changed. We applied the best practices in interface design and modern technologies. Launched the new release focused on fast operation and maximising conversion.

Zoning feature

The update provides for setting up service areas and delivery areas within the city, several cities and agglomerations in accordance with the specifics of the business. Each customer has a personal proposal of options available for delivery, takeaway and other ways of receiving orders.

Complex modifiers

The functionality allows you to flexibly configure groups of modifiers with mono- or multi-selection, as well as prices for each selected option.

New functionality for push mailings

Messages have become available for sending to the entire database of unauthorized users. This significantly extends the reach of the mailing. Added the ability to send messages to previously created segments, as well as use graphics.


We released an integration with one of the most popular payment gateways, which allows you to accept online payments in most countries of the world.

Update of finances functionality

The logic of distributing payments between different merchants within the framework of one account has been finalized. Updated the financial reports in the Monitoring Panel and Dots Delivery apps.

New options in mobile apps

Different types of displaying the menu (list or tile), are currently available. The feature of quickly adding products to the cart has been enabled. The “Change” field when paying in cash has also been added.

New security and order verification options

Anti-fraud protection of websites and mobile apps was implemented. Added SMS logging functionality and blacklist synchronization. Launched the ability to send Viber messages and voice authorization through a call.

Support chatbots

The update allows you to use Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chatbots to provide customer support through messengers.

The user's personal account on the website

Customers can access information about their active orders, order history and cashback.

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